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Aquaskinz Top Usage Description
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At Aquaskinz we are constantly striving to bring you the best possible equipment to make your experience a more pleasant one. However it has been brought to our attention that there are some questions on how to put on and take off our line of tops.


When you are going to wear your top, it is best to first get your hands through the cuff seals. The best way to do this is make your hands as narrow as possible and slip them through until your fingers are through the seals. Once your fingers are through, roll the seal back over your hand. At this point pull the top over your head, once you get the neck seal to its narrowest point, gently pull on both sides of the neck seal with equal pressure and roll it down to your neck.

To adjust the arms, cuffs & neck seal, it is best NOT to pull excessively on the seals or connecting seams. This will cause the seals & seams to weaken over time and cause irreversible damage. To adjust the cuff or neck seal once the top is on, hold the sealing material and the material above or under it (in the case of the neck seal) together and adjust as needed by adding equal pressure to both materials. Once the adjustment is made, roll the cuff & neck seal out or up. Assure the seal is against your skin, if it is not on your skin, it will not create a waterproof seal in those areas.


When you are ready to remove the top, gently & slowly pull the neck seal apart on both sides of your neck and pull up slowly with equal pressure to get the neck seal over your head. Once the neck seal is over your head, pull the top half way up on your torso. Then hold the lower portion of the jacket (on your mid-torso) with both hands and REVERSE the whole top until it slips off. When it is off, the top should be inside out. This is the easiest and least likely way to cause damage to your neck and cuff seals.

Our products are warranted against manufacturer defects for twelve months from time of purchase to the original registered purchaser. However, they are not covered for normal wear & tear or incidental damage which can be caused by improper wearing and removal. Please follow these instructions to avoid any potential damage to your seals.

Please also see the Warranty and Care page for a full description of the warranty.