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With the rising popularity of soft plastic and rubber baits, we examined countless different brands and discovered that there is an unlimited variety of materials used to manufacture these types of baits. Because of this, it is impossible for us to manufacture a quality plug insert/divider that is guaranteed not to react with some of these baits. As a result we caution that keeping soft plastic and rubber baits for extended periods of time in our plastic inserts/dividers may cause a chemical reaction that could result in discoloration or in rare cases, even melding of the dividers and these style baits. Testing by our Pro Staff reports that this type of reaction is not occurring during single fishing trips, but only when these baits are “stored” in the insert/divider over time.

We have addressed this possibility by giving you multiple options in our tackle systems to avoid this possibility.

We suggest the following when it comes to soft plastic and rubber baits:
You can add and remove these soft baits from the insert/divider during each fishing trip. You can store these baits in the pockets of our large and small surf bags. You can also store these types of baits in our large and small belt pouches which will not have any negative reactions to the materials or the baits and provide you with a complete carrying system.

Aquaskinz products are made by fishermen for fishermen and we welcome your comments and feedback. Feel free to send us your comments via e-mail through our Contact Form or call us at

We hope you will enjoy our full line of products and consider recommending them. Please keep up with the latest products for the Extreme Outdoorsmen by frequenting our web site.

Thank you.

Aquaskinz Corp.