I travel A LOT with my lures for various filming projects. I need various sizes, colors and rigging options so storage is a big deal for me and to fit everything into one bag that can take a "Hogy" beating is perfect. I could fish my way to the "Flemish Cap" and back with the amount of Hogy Softbaits inside the bag. I've checked it on airlines, thrown it in hatches and load it to more than 50lbs often and my bag is still going strong. Eats 3700 series boxes like candy. Thanks for making such a perfect cargo bag!
Your friend and product fan,

Mike Hogan
Hogy Lures

"Product reviews by a hard fishing man who knows good when he sees it...and uses it"
 Thank you so much for being a sponsor of the Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby. I'm sure that you probably receive praise from the Committee Members for your involvement in the Derby, but praise from participants is probably rare. I wanted to let you know, as a long time participant, how much we appreciate the sponsors. The majority of us make a conscious effort to support the sponsors when tackle shops.

I cant wait to recieve my Phantom Surf Top. Please know that it will be worn with pride, and given a thorough test in the surf on Martha's Vineyard.

Keith McArt
1st Place Shore Grand Slam Winner, 2008
 I was Thrilled to learn about your support of the Derby as both my wife and I already have your products. Thank you

Brian Nunes-Vais
2nd Place Boat Grand Slam Winner, 2008

I never saw the wave until the last second. Ten seconds under water and waves seems like an hour. My Evo2 top gave me much needed recovery time. I can not imagine what it would be like to fish without an Aquaskinz top on. A must-have for any serious surfcaster.

DJ Muller
Outdoor writer and Striped Bass Club President

Wore the Rampage bottom fishing yesterday. When I left the dock it was 30-degrees and relatively calm. Ran 21 miles offshore to an artificial reef and with only a light thermal shirt and sweatshirt underneath the Rampage top I was warm and insulated from the wind.

Running back in my wide-open 23' center console we were in strong cross winds and a quartering seas so I was taking a pounding and a lot of spray over the side, which was getting me very wet. Well at least it was trying. In addition to the top I was wearing a breathable bib bottom and the top extended over it and down to the middle of my hips and kept me bone dry and warm from the neck down. The cuff design was more than adequate to keep my sleeves dry underneath.

The Rampage is a quality garment that is far superior to any raingear top I've ever worn and the amount of warmth you want can easily be adjusted with the amount of layers underneath. It's a great product.

Gary Caputi
Author, Outdoor Writer, Saltwater Sportsman Contributor
 I love the Aquaskinz top, it keeps me dry and for someone my size it's really comfortable.

Charles Ruoff
Avid Outdoorsman & Fisherman
 That plug bags are a winner. I tried them out in fairly immersive conditions on Saturday. There was one spot on the Cape where we were plugging in water up to our necks. The bags worked flawlessly.

Ben Shim
Avid Outdoorsman & Fisherman
 The Aquaskinz top kept me dry and warm on our Center console as we flew in excess of 45 mph chasing Striped Bass in the chilly Spring back Bay waters. Being able to release a fish and stay dry when sticking my arm in the water since the wrist material was snug and waterproof is a great feature! The Surf Bag makes it real convenient to travel with larger and longer plugs. I was impressed with how light the case weighed and its quality vs. the competition and that was the determining factor is selecting the Aquaskinz products.

John A. Luchka
Captain, Lecturer SWS - Outdoor Writer & Contributor
 I got lots of compliments and furnished many positive opinions for the Aquaskinz top. Flawless, dry and comfortable. I wore it all night with a constant pounding surf and 20-30 knot winds in my face, wearing only a long sleeved t-shirt underneath , I stayed warm and dry which enabled me to fish all night and produce a good number of fish, including this one.

Mike Lang
Surfcasting Club Tournament Winner / Avid Surfcaster
 Here’s a story for you. This summer, my kayak fishing buddy Kevin paddled from Pensacola, FL to Norfolk, VA. He took one of your hooded splash tops with him to ward against hypothermia during thunderstorms. The thing performed flawlessly, surviving the 1800 mile trip and countless brawls with Mother Nature. He’s still wearing it through this winter’s striper season. Now that’s a product test! Thanks for the well built, intelligently designed stuff.

 I was on a two week kayak tour from Oregon Inlet, North Carolina to Ocean City, Maryland, half way up the barrier islands of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. I had just pulled my kayak up on an island after a three hour paddle into pouring rain driven by a 35 mile-per-hour gale. My rain jacket did little to keep me dry against the waves hitting me in the chest. I was thoroughly waterlogged and freezing cold. As I sat there shivering, I thought, If I only had a neoprene sweatshirt. The Aquaskinz Rampage was exactly what I was looking for: a sweatshirt-style neoprene splash top. In previous years, my kayak fishing season ended when the temperature dropped below 50 degrees. Now I fish year round thanks to my Aquaskinz Rampage.

 I wanted to tell you that I bought the Hurricane, Evo 2 and large plug bag this year and love these items. I got a chance to try out the plug bag yesterday in Montauk, and after being dunked in the wash a number of times, I didn't lose a lure at all. The bag is beefy and comfy.

 Awsome products! I’m very happy with the bags and jackets I have.

 The Hurricane top comes out when it's really cold and nasty out. Keeps you completely dry and extra warm with only a light shirt underneath even. Definetely worth every cent you pay for it [Smile] Depends on what you're mainly doing though. If you're gonna be in more extreme conditions and possibly getting dunked alot I'd go with the Aquaskinz. Then again, I'm mainly on the deck of party boats so what do I know?

Mike Zacharewich
 Saturday I was grabbing a fish for my brother at Montauk when a wave hit me. I was totally under water and being sucked out when I grabbed a rock and scampered back up on the rocks. I got the fish and I was bone dry. Best of all I didn't worry about my waders filling up, I have the Aquaskinz Hurricane top, that's worth a whole lot more than $200.00. My brother has a Bronco top and we talked about what would happen if that happened to him. His waders would have filled up and no one wants that to happen.

 You will get a LOT more use out of the Evo2 over the course of a fishing season than you will out of the Hurricane. However,on days like today when the surf is running 8 to ten feet and the pre dawn temp. is in the 40's the Hurricane is in a class by itself. It should also be noted that the Aquaskinz come in full cut large sizes for those of us that are positively nutritionaly challenged.Translation-their xxx size is really xxx.

 Aquaskinz product are by far 2nd to none! I used alot of products in the past that did not perform as advertised.... not anymore. Aquaskinz is the real deal.

 I sort of talked a friend into considering this jacket..I bought the the evo I last season and gave it to my wife this year and bought the evo II for me. My friend originally balked at the price but saw me don it several times during fishing trips with him. He broke down and bought it. The first night he had it on we were at the squibby mussle bar. Do you think I need the hood tonight?...Naah not tonight doesn't look that bad. Well it worse then I thought. We both got out there and started fishing... by the third wave I heard a distant I lost my hat!; a few seconds later ...found it! We were getting pounded. About 6 or 7 waves later I hear...This jacket is worth EVERY PENNY! I beat the hell out of my stuff. This is good solid gear.

Jim F.
Marthas Vineyard, MA
 Excellent service! I'm in the customer service field and its impossible to get people who LISTEN. I called left a msg. and explained my situation and left a msg as to when I would be available. I get home I put down my work stuff and my phone rings, Kadir is clairvoyant. You guys run a great operation, you got a customer here until I'm old and decrepid.

Victor M.
Rhode Island
 I was stupid enough to put a squid jig in a side pouch of the smaller Aquaskinz bag. As soon as it dropped in I knew this was going to suck. After debating what to do I yanked the thing out with a pair of pliers. The side packet was completly undamaged, very strong material!! Aquaskinz is where it's at!

Mike Tattoo D.
Rhode Island
 Gotta say thanks. I bought my Evo from Joe last year and it is the best. Under or over the wader it is a waterproof, COMFORTABLE, must. I do enough any weather sailing and it is the best spray top out of all of the yachtee gear makers. I can see where the heavier models must be rock and roll. you oughta market them to those nutbag crab fisherman up in Alaska.

Neil F.
 I have been enjoying the Evo2 waterproof top. It is a pleasure to fish in something so lightweight and unrestrictive. Great product and I like the looks, as well.

Bill Donovan
President / Publisher - New Jersey Angler Magazine
 I put my EVO2 jacket to good use during my week on Block Island. I caught my first 40. It weighed 40# 4oz and I had to carry it over a half mile on my shoulder. The jacket showed no sign of wear from where I was carrying it. I have been up to my chest in the suds and the jacket has kept me dry. It is really a great product.

Steve Kasabula
Avid Fisherman
 I spent a few days out at Cuttyhunk this weekend and the fishing was incredible!! I also bought an EVO2 for this seasons fishing and it performed flawlessly. I am really impressed with the product.... Regardless of what the plans there are for the Aquaskinz company I am very impressed with the products and hope that it will be around for many years to come providing quality and practical fishing gear.

Avid Fisherman
 I've been wearing my Aquaskinz dry top for over 1 year now and it gives me a competitive edge over other anglers! I can now go out on bars and not worry about getting wet. In addition, the extra 20 feet makes all the world of difference! When fan casting to the bars across the hole, it allows me to cover more water. The Aquaskinz tops are a must have!!! When fishing a NE blow combined with rain, I am bone dry and I can fish a lot longer because I am not soaked. And that equates to more time in the water with less fatigue. With other rain gear, you get wet. No More taking waves for me! Thanks Aquaskinz!

Dave Manzi
Pro Cape Guide
 1st of all, I was out all night long on Monday in that steady downpour and 25 mph winds and I was as dry as could be... best money I ever spent on a top...

David Haas
Avid Surfcaster
 I've just gotta say that if it wasn't for your great product I wouldn't have been into those fish as it started to pour and the only thing that kept me dry was my Aquaskinz. I've tried several other jackets but nothing compares to the quality and durability of the Aquaskinz. I use the Evolution in the summer/spring and the Hurricane in the fall/winter. Thanks again for such a great product. I also use 1 of your smaller surf bags which I love! It holds just enough plugs for wading. Thanks again. Much Respect!

Chris Wahl
Avid Fisherman
 All I can say is I absolutely love the Aquaskinz tops and bags! I have been using my Hurricane since early last fall, and it has stood up to everything I have thrown at it. This winter I picked up an Evo2. It is another great product. I constantly wade in some nasty water on the Connecticut River and the Aquaskinz jackets have made it so much safer and more enjoyable.

Toby Lapinski
Avid fisherman
 I've kayaked a bunch with mine (original evo) and find it comfortable. Also found myself bushwacking thru some thick briars and brambles searching for a hidden lake I could of sworn was just over yonder..........It wound up being a muddy bog of a place.... The Aquaskinz jacket took a good workout trying to make my way back to the beached yak. Not a scratch or tear on it!!! I don't recommend using a $200+ surf jacket to go blazing new trails in overgrown thickets of thorns and sharp nastiness... but sometimes ya need to go where no sane human goes.

Avid Angler
 EVO2 - Traveling at 50mph+ in a center console chasing fish down I found the EVO2 Jacket very comfortable and it kept me dry and warm!
LARGER SURF BAG – Using the large Surf Bag off the Jetty in Manasquan NJ was neither cumbersome nor heavy as I jumped from rock to rock. I was able to accommodate all of my larger plugs as well as my smaller buck tails within an arms reach. It was very well constructed and the flaps keep all my tackle in place nicely.

John A. Luchka
Avid Fisherman / Writer
 Got down the front of the rocks in a heave to release a nice bass, crouch as the wave rolls on your back, and that big deluge of water DOES NOT come down your neck. At first you expect it but then it never comes. You stay totally dry. Made it real easy fishing in big surf or hard rains. You stay totally dry and warm too. I was fishing thru Thanksgiving with my Hurricane! I even wore it to the Patriots AFC Championship Game and used it when shoveling the driveway. In my honest opinion, probably the best new fishing product I used all year.

John Redmond
 14.9lbs of bucktooth'd beauty! It was a cold, wet, windy day, but I was plenty warm and dry. Had the sweatshirt on to basically keep my hat flom flying away...it is my lucky hat ya know. The sweatshirt ended up pretty wet, but didn't feel a thing. The Hurricane top works great. Extremely warm and keeps you dry, you can brave the bowbreakers even. Of course, I do get some strange looks from other party boat goers, but they're usually huddled around the heaters being miserable while I can actually enjoy being outside of the cabin!!!

Mike Zacharewich
Avid Partyboater
 What’s really innovative about the products is that guys who fish the surf designed them. They have found the flaws that make a product (even good products) fail, and they have corrected those problems at the design level. There are all sorts of little details that have been paid attention to... Essentially, each Aquaskinz item is the best of its type you can get. I’m on my second high end Surfbag and my third very good coat since I took up the sport – I’m confident that I would not be had Aquaskinz been available.

Joe Lyons
Professional Rhode Island Surfcasting Guide
 The Aquaskinz is just a really comfortable top (I have the lighter version) that feels so damn nice I don't want to take it off! Keeps you DRY! Waves break on ya and the Skinz repels the water. The fabric trebles the water... it just rolls off it like a newly waxed car. Wrist and neck seals are very soft yet sealing out the water.

Noreast.com - Kayak Moderator
 Wore the top from 10 PM last night till just now (7:50PM), it rocks!!! No more wet nights for me. Thanks!

Rick Bombardier
Satisfied Customer
 Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how well your Aquaskinz surf top has been performing for me. Out at Montauk Point with hard east winds and heaving surf, thanks to your top I remained completely dry! The top is as comfortable as it is durable! Everyone I had encountered out there was very interested in its effectiveness. Well, my reply was... I WON’T wear anything else but Aquaskinz from here on out! Thank you for designing a piece that WILL become one of the surf fisherman's most important pieces of equipment!

Mike Sfakianos
Manager Camp-Site Sport Shop
 The innovative designs of their signature tops truly keep me dryer and more comfortable than any other dry top, rain gear, or wader jacket I have ever owned. While fishing in serious surf, my Hurricane Dry Top not only keeps me warm, dry and comfortable, I feel it keeps me safe and focused on my fishing. Safety breeds confidence and every serious fisherman knows that confidence results in more fish caught, and that is the point, isn't it?

Patrick Paquette
Professional Tournament Fisherman / Past President of the Massachusetts Striped Bass Assn./ Owner of Basic Boston Fishing / Charter & Shore Guide Service.
 The Aquaskinz dry top is absolutely an essential tool for every avid fishermen that applies their talents in the most adverse conditions.

Ron Arra
5-Time Distance Casting Champion / Guide
 It was a chilly night this past fall when I just couldn’t bring myself to pulling on my wetsuit, which was still damp from the previous night. Instead, I wore a set of thermal underwear and a sweatshirt underneath a pair of waders and a firmly belted Aquaskinz Evolution surf top. Despite the usual incidents that left me horizontal in the white water, I walked away warm and dry. My wetsuit saw little use after that night, as I opted for the more comfortable Aquaskinz-based solution. Thanks to the hard-fishing folks at Aquaskinz, there's now a safe and comfortable alternative to wearing a wetsuit for many extreme fishing applications.

John Skinner
Surf Editor - Noreast Publication
 Aquaskinz products are turning out to be perfect for kayak fishing. I love the Evo2, Small Surf bag and the gloves are killers in the kayak. Tell everyone on your staff that we at Ultimate Kayak Fishing are turning into Aquaskinz billboards.

Nils Christensen
Kayak Fishing Expert & Writer
 I have used the Aquaskinz dry-top from the suds of Montauk to the jetties along the South Shore. As far as tops are concerned, these are by far the best addition a fisherman can make to his arsenal!

Tom Melton
Managing Editor - The Fisherman Magazine
 It's absolutely waterproof. I've ducked under water and only my head gets wet. No cold trickles down the neck, which happened with every other jacket I've ever worn before. And unlike most tops made with breathable fabric, it'll stay that way unless you tear it on a hook or on rocks.

Mike Prevost
Avid Fisherman
 I gave your lightweight top a good durability test last night. I was navigating back from the tip of a group of rocks and while moving through a cut in the rocks at a good clip a sharp piece of rock about shoulder high grabbed and held the jacket. My feet just about came out from under me. I thought for sure there would be damage. Checked it for damage this morning in the light and I can’t find even superficial damage.

Peter Graeber
The Saltwater Edge
 I've been wearing the lighter Aquaskinz model for two months and I've got to say I am VERY pleased with it. This is a high quality jacket that is very versatile. You can wear it in a wide range of conditions and stay DRY. Well worth the price in my opinion.

Steve McDonald
Surfcasting Club President
 Coming back from under the light dry is a whole new concept I'm going to have to learn to live with. I feel this is the jacket for anyone that gives it all he's got.

Edward W. Dingee
Avid Fisherman
 Since remaining warm and dry is a major priority at this time of the year, I have been wearing one of those Aquaskinz dry tops so often that I'm concerned that it may become my second skin.

Ron Powers
At Large Outdoor Writer
 Surf Anglers require top-notch foul weather gear in order to handle the rain and wind that seems to be a constant part of our universe. Add crashing waves and windblown spray, and surf anglers often find it impossible to stay warm and dry. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Aquaskinz's Rampage Splash Top, and I'm delighted to tell you I remained warm and dry in spite of biting wind driven rain. The Rampage is also extremely comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Thanks Aquaskinz!

 What an experience! This Aquaskinz top makes it possible to push out further into the white water without having to worry about getting soaked in a way that you can move freely, and unrestricted like no other dry top!

Matty Blazer
Noreast.com Surf Moderator
 I have been wearing the lighter Aquaskinz for the last 5 weeks and absolutely LOVE IT! I am wearing a tank top or t-shirt underneath and I am absolutely comfortable. Just take a dunk once in a while, you do actually stay dry! Awesome GEAR – I’ll never get out of the water now.

Mike Lang
Surfcasting Club Tournament Winner / Avid Surfcaster
 I love my Aquaskinz drytop, the worse the weather the dryer I feel...

Capt. Gary Corsetti
R.I. Showtime Charters & ASA Champion
 Being a professional sport fisherman and outdoor writer, I always try to rely on professional fishing equipment, and nobody knows better how to make practical stuff than the truly dedicated anglers. The Aquaskinz dry tops are designed by people who spend more time on the water than most of the very intense fisherman I know. More than myself if possible and this is the best endorsement I can give. Either if you're surf or a kayak fisherman, the Aquaskinz is the right choice because its designed to keep you dry under those extreme conditions.

Nicola Zingarelli
Outdoor writer, photographer
 When I'm not wearing a total wetsuit and down with the fishes, I'm toasty, dry and warm wearing my Aquaskinz jacket. Nobody understands hypothermia better than a diver...I love my skinz and they do a fantastic job of keeping me warm and DRY.

Mike Laptew
Video Producer, Writer, Photographer, Underwater Videographer
 The Aquaskinz top held up like a champ, and I was completely dry throughout the night. That’s saying something, because I like to get abused by Montauk’s surf. I will go on record to further say it was the most comfortable top I have ever worn, and at the end of the day, night, morning or whatever it was – I did not feel like taking it off – I really mean that!

Bill Wetzel
Licensed Surfcasting Guide
 They are by far the best tops to come down the pike in my lifetime, and they are available in two models. The standard Hurricane drytop model is designed to keep you comfortable in typical fall, winter and early spring conditions. For milder days and nights, the lightweight Evolution will keep you from roasting.

Fred Golofaro
The Fisherman - Publisher
 Thanks for the Aquaskinz Hurricane I got from you last year; I've put it to good use. It's allowed me to fish all winter through the worst weather. I've really put the Hurricane to the test on my kayak, paddling through breaking waves to catch breaking fish in freezing conditions. Fish like it rough, so should fishermen! My Hurricane pullover got a lot of attention at a recent fishing seminar I ran at the Tidewater Fishing Expo and definitely gets looks of envy when I walk out onto the Bar. Ran into a fellow on the south end of Ocracoke who was wearing the EVO2 last weekend. That thing is the bomb for spring drummin'. Anyway thanks for a great product!

Ric Burnley